Our Mission

We are a team of Arboricultural professionals driven by the pursuit of high standard and
quality. We value our environment which is closely bonded to us.

In metropolitan cities like Hong Kong, conflict arises when development meets the  nature. 
We strive to resolve these conflicts and provide expertise consultation on the preservation 
of the trees affected during development in different projects. To  realize  our  philosophy, 
we advocate early communication and cooperation with our  clients  throughout  different 
stages of the  development which  would  help  our  clients    and us   to   execute  effective 
measures for preservation  while  keeping  the  development  progress  smooth.  Seamless 
communication with our clients and understanding of project details as well as  being able 
to provide practical arboricultural consultancy advice make us an  ideal  consultant for our 
clients, if not partners.

We believe being good is not enough, so we dream big and dare to venture, set goals  that 
we can’t but will realize in the future to achieve greatness.  We  truly  believe  we  and  our 
partners can work together to realize the aspirations while preserving the  very essence  of 
our precious environment.